Astrology Relationship Party Saturday, June 3rd

Tobi Hunt Events presents
Attract That Right Relationship After You Learn What Your Astrological Needs Are
Saturday, June 3rd

10am until 1pm



Nansea Lee

Discover what your astrological relationship needs are so that you can attract the right partner for you personally or in business. Astrology holds layers and layers of information about you, your life, and it is the missing link for understanding what are your specific relationships needs. Nansea Lee conveys astrological information in an easy and useable way. Are you wondering why you haven’t attracted the right person? This informative evening will help you to manifest that right relationship into your life.

***There is an event planner fee of $15.00 per person which will reserve your spot and confirm your attendance to be paid in advance of the party to Tobi Hunt. Reserve you place now, so your seat can be guaranteed. Only eight seats available for this event.

Astrology Relationship Party June 3rd 2017

The party will begin at 10AM sharp for beverages and networking so bring your business cards. Then the individual readings would begin around 10:45AM and end around 1PM.  
Nansea Lee charges $40.00 a person which will be paid the night of the party before she starts her readings.

Please NOTE: Nansea only accepts cash or check. Please write the check to her Nansea Lee, not me. You are welcome to tape your session too. It is a very intimate group. Bring a friend or family member too. Women and Men are invited.

***It is recommended that everyone who attends bring an appetizer so we can all share in the food before we start and have dessert during the break. I will supply the wine, coffee, tea, cold beverages and one appetizer. I will forward you the appetizer list and directions to the event once your attendance is confirmed.***

Once you are confirmed, please send your astrological information to Nansea Lee at so that she can prepare for this fun, upcoming event.

Astrological information needed as soon as possible:


Date of birth:  month, day and year

City, State or Country of Birth

Approximate time of birth.

I look forward to hearing from you. These parties are really powerful, a great networking experience and quite healing and informative.

Here’s to a fabulous event experience!


Nansea Lee, (Nan-sea), is a Relationship Coach, Licensed Life Coach,Professional Astrologer, Human Development Specialist has a BA inChild Development, RM, a published author and speaker. She utilizes a psycho-spiritual approach and conveys astrological key ingredients in a beneficial way that will enhance your life. She continues to be a spiritual seeker and has been walking on her own spiritual/self-development path for forty years. She has helped many single clients to find love in their lives.  

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