Spiritual Journey October 29, 2013

Spiritual Journey Here and in the Herafter

Tobi Hunt Events Presents: Spiritual Journey
Here and in the Herafter

Testimonial on ‘Spiritual Journey, Here and Herafter’, Oct. 29th 2013


You have such an amazing hand for bringing in interesting speakers on very different topics.

I really enjoyed the workshop ‘Spiritual Journey Here and In the Hereafter Event’ because it opened an entirely new perspective for me.

I don’t think that I want to speak to departed souls myself, but there is something about being in the same room for many hours with several gifted psychics. It seemed to enhance my own meditation practice and I feel more open to the spiritual realm.

Everyone has their own path, and this is how it should be.

I believe, coming together for a workshop like this helps everyone grow spiritually. Thanks for your courage in putting this interesting information out there.

~ Hannah Hennig




Sarina Baptista

“Connecting to the Other Side”

Sarina Baptista is an internationally renowned psychic medium, mentor, author and speaker. She is a featured speaker for the “Life, Death and Beyond” International Conference in Crete, Greece, and is the resident psychic for Clear Channel’s Big Country 97.9FM in Northern Colorado. Her clients include adults and children from all areas of the world, including Australia, Italy, India and the UK.

Her purpose is to connect us to our angels, guides and loved ones, and teach us how to access this information on our own. She discovered her gifts through her own tragedy – the passing of her seven-year-old son in March 2007. She learned her son did not really die. He was still very close, leading her to her incredible mediumship gifts.

She has created several mediumship training programs, including one on one mediumship mentoring, long distance training, workshops and webinars to train others to connect with the other side. She holds monthly live events and development workshops demonstrating how we are all connected.

Sarina is also the Psychic Investigator Team Lead for Third Eye Paranormal Investigators, a Northern Colorado paranormal team, and educates home and business owners about these “residents” in their space.

Sarina’s book about her journey, A Bridge to Healing: J.T.’s Story — A Mother’s Grief Journey and Return to Hope, is available now through all major booksellers.

Sarina Baptista is the Bridge to Healing, connecting heart and soul.

Website:  www.sarinabaptista.com

Donna Visocky

“There is Life After Death”

There is a life after death.

How do I know?

In 2003 my daughter Kristi was killed in a car accident. She was 21 years old. Her death sent me on a search for answers. Why did this happen to us? Is she ok? Where does one go when they die? Can I communicate with her? Kristi’s death led me on an amazing journey, one I could never have imagined, to places beyond my comprehension and experiences out of this world.

Do I have proof? Maybe not the tangible kind those with an analytical mind might require. But all that I have experienced over the past ten years leaves no doubt in my mind that life does go on, that we are always connected to not only our loved ones but the divine energy of God and can tap into it ourselves whenever we are ready.

I know that death is not the end, merely the conclusion of one tiny scene in a never ending performance called life.

Sue Frederick

“Talking to Loved Ones on the Other Side.”

Death is not the end.

Your loved ones who have passed are watching you, helping you, and healing you – though you may not know it. They want to see you thriving and fulfilling your soul’s mission here – accomplishing your great work and using your pain as fuel.

At this event, you’ll experience the presence of your departed loved one, and gain a new healing perspective on your pain and loss. Several audience members will receive a brief personal reading from Sue Frederick during the presentation.

Sue Frederick is the author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate.

An intuitive since childhood, Sue draws upon dreams, ancient numerology, powerful intuition, and conversations with spirits to help her clients fulfill their soul’s mission and use their pain as inspiration for a meaningful life. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN.com, Real Simple, Yoga Journal and Natural Health Magazines.

Sue has trained more than 500 intuitive coaches around the world and she’s been a guest on more than 200 radio and TV shows.

Author of I See Your Dream Job; I See Your Soul Mate; & Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side (St. Martin’s Press)

Website: www.SueFrederick.com

“ We Are Always Connected

Marlayne realized at a very early age that she had a special gift to connect. Marlayne began with palm readings and quickly advanced to clairvoyant work. With over 25 years experience she relays information with amazing detail and precision. She enjoys helping people through life challenges and sharing her vision of your greatest potential. Marlayne’s client list ranges from Hollywood actors, Wall Street brokers, CEO’s, and anyone that needs a little guidance.

The workshops Marlayne conducts utilize her unique talents to expand intuition, connect with the present moment and develop an understanding of the universal laws of attraction.

Website: www.readingsbymarlayne.com

Linked-In 4 Hour Boot Camp with Kevin Knebl

Linked-In 4 Hour Boot Camp & Workshop

Tobi Hunt Events Presents
Linked-In 4 Hour Boot Camp & Workshop
featuring Kevin Knebl

Held Saturday, September 21, 2013KevinKnebl

Kevin Knebl is the Highest Rated Business Speaker in the World among over 281,298 Business Speakers

Worldwide (LinkedIn 2013). Kevin Knebl has been speaking internationally for over 18 years on how to network effectively and establish connections that lead to mutually beneficial, long term, win-win relationships.

He has trained hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of people on how to use effective interpersonal skills and Social Networking to accomplish a multitude of business purposes. With over 22,000,000 connections on LinkedIn, over 6500 friends and fans on Facebook and over 7000 followers on Twitter, he walks his talk every day.

Kevin is an in-demand speaker, trainer, advisor and McGraw-Hill published author. He is the coauthor of The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking. He also has more Recommendations (1490+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world!


LinkedIn is a tremendously fast growing Business Networking platform that when used effectively can help Business Professionals in many ways. With over 225,000,000 people using this communication channel and millions more people getting connected weekly, this is not a business tool that you can afford to ignore.

This exciting, in-depth training Boot Camp will teach you:

• Why Social Networking should be a strategic component of your business plan

• How to create robust profiles that showcase you and your organization

• How to identify and connect with prospective networking partners, business alliances and clients

• Methods of communicating with large numbers of people that result in greater visibility for you and your company

• How to increase the visibility of your credibility and add value to your network

• The art of building relationships that lead to long term success, client acquisition/retention and revenue growth



At the end of the day, long term business success has always been and always will be about relationships. Whether online or offline, people are the same, only the technology changes.

This exciting training Boot Camp will equip you with an understanding of the strategies and methodologies used to leverage this amazing business tool.


Any further inquiries contact:
Tobi Hunt/ Tobi Hunt Events at 303-926-4304

From Rookie to Rockstar February 7, 2013

From Rookie to Rockstar!

Tobi Hunt Events Presents
From Rookie to Rockstar!

February 7, 2013

Hi Tobi,

Don’t want this day to end without saying thank you.

From Rookie to Rockstar was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Wonderful speakers, wonderful attendees, wonderful you.

You did a great job.

Kim Shannon
Author, Speaker, Coach
Founder of the Good Girls Anonymous Program

Event Theme:

 Step Into Your Feminine Power with Confidence, Attitude and Grace!”


Roxanne Gould

Tips and Tricks on How to Make Dressing Easy

As a daughter of a model, one of Roxanne Gould’s first memories was when she was three years old, on set, acting with her mother in a TV commercial. Her mother acted, modeled and taught modeling in schools in Los Angeles. Even her grandmother acted on stage in New York.

A life spent working in the fashion industry has given Roxanne a deep understanding that beauty within keeps growing and beauty without transforms. There is always an opportunity to embrace and develop unique qualities as time goes on.

Roxanne has had an extensive modeling and acting career in Europe and the United States. She has walked the runways in Paris, and has been on many magazine covers, including Vogue. Some of her clients include Marks and Spencer, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, Coldwater Creek, Vision Works, Lucy Athletic Wear, and Gaiam, to name a few. Roxanne still models today.

She also owns Image By Roxanne, which coaches and mentors women who are struggling with aging to reclaim their beauty and power.”

Rachael Jayne Groover

Learn How to Increase Your
“Fearless Feminine Presence”

So You Can Stand Out, Be Seen, and Inspire Others in Any Situation!
Rachael Jayne Groover is the author of the best-selling book “Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want.”

Overcoming stage-fright and enormous fear of rejection, she became an award-winning vocalist, and finished her full-time singing career performing to a live audience of 40,000 people, before making the leap to live in the USA and become an inspirational speaker and personal development trainer.

She now travels the world teaching women how to increase their personal presence, their feminine energy, and their vocal power, so they can walk into any room and be seen and heard in the way they want.

Rachael Jayne will share the top secrets of performers that massively increase their presence on stage. She will boil it down so those secrets will work for you – in the boardroom, on the dating scene – any time you want to make a strong first impression.

At this event you will learn:

  • The four most important keys to creating a powerful feminine presence that magnetizes people to you.
  • How to go from being shy or afraid of putting yourself “out there,” to being able to feel your fear, and not have it stop you anymore!
  • How to use the tone of your voice so people trust you, want to support you, and want to do business with you.

To find out more about Rachael Jayne Groover and her book, go to:

Website: PowerfulandFeminine.com

Anthonette “Colonel” Klinkerman

“Courtesy Bootcamp™ 2.0 – Mind the (Generation) Gap.”

Anthonette Klinkerman has been a Douglas County School district teacher since 2000. She taught middle school Language Arts for ten years, and now teaches at an alternative high school.

She was also Arapahoe Community College adjunct faculty, 2004-2005, teaching Reading 090. Klinkerman earned a Masters Degree in Literacy and Curriculum Development from Lesley University in 2004. She earned a Bachelors Degree in English from Fresno State University in 1991, and holds a Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition and Development (CLAD Certificate) from the state of California.

Klinkerman entered the public speaking circuit in February 2009 with her first Courtesy Bootcamp presentation.

Since then, she authored a book, Courtesy Bootcamp: a not-so-gentle reminder to live by The Golden Rule, and has been a keynote speaker for the city of Englewood, Colorado, trained the city employees of Golden, Colorado, and the employees of Shalom Park Senior Community.

Klinkerman was placed on the Rotary Club’s Preferred Speaker list, and besides numerous radio interviews has been interviewed by Broomfield’s Maimie Dowd Library Channel 8 program, “Off the Page”.

Website:  courtesybootcamp.com

Sue Morter

“ Manifest the Femme! Because it’s Time to Balance the World”

Learn the BioEnergetics of a World Behind the “Seens” and how to manage a Life that reveals your Magnificence.”

Dr. Sue Morter is an international authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility. She is a master teacher of the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), a neuro-emotional clearing and healing process that addresses subconscious interferences within the mind, body, memory and spirit, and their influence on health and human performance.

In addition to her private practice at Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing center she founded in 1987, today she speaks about living on the Front Side of the Model, where we no longer have to create what we don’t want in order to know what we do want.

She has spoken at the TED Conference, Agape International, and Tony Robbin’s Trainer Support amongst many others. She shares wisdom from her studies in India, growing up in a quantum science conversation, and from her own personal experiences with Self Realization, Enlightenment and processes of Embodiment.

Dr Sue can be seen in documentary films, internet television and radio interviews and live conferences worldwide. She is here to help bridge Science and Spirit and return us to our true power in life.

Website: www.drsuemorter.com

Maureen Simon

“Claim Your Influential Destiny:
7 Keys to Success and Freedom”

Maureen is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)—a lifestyle and business design company that supports women in creating successful, powerful lives that incorporate their feminine attributes and gifts through her work with women in private consulting and in groups.

Her company provides learning environments and products to help women claim, live and lead with their natural strengths and talents. TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and make major contributions in the world.

Join Maureen to gain practical ways to create more success and freedom in your life . When we realize that true success is created from the inside out –from what we believe in and value most- we really begin to live success.

Also learn more about the natural feminine gifts and talents that you already possess and now need to claim to live an authentic- fulfilled life.

Website: theessentialfeminine.com