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Lunch and Network Events


The Lunch and Network events are always dynamic and energizing! They are open to both men and women. Read below for the benefits.

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Benefits from attending Lunch and Network Events:

  • No Annual Fee and No Monthly Commitment
  • Enjoy a fabulous buffet lunch with soft drinks and dessert
  • Build relationships and make personal and business connections with fellow attendees by attending on a regular basis
  • Experience how business is really happening and power partnerships are forming!
  • You will have the opportunity to talk about your business with some fabulous networkers at your table
  • You can showcase your business inexpensively with a vendor 8 foot table-top booth for $50 with a 2-minute commercial in front of the entire group
  • Give away a $25 door prize and receive 25 seconds in front of the group to share your name and business name
  • Hear a fantastic, energetic monthly speaker
  • Win a door prize as you leave the event
New York/New Jersey Gals Dinner Events
  • The next New York/New Jersey Gals Dinner event will be announced soon
  • You must be from New York or New Jersey to attend.
  • What a blast we have! We meet once a quarter for dinner

Future Events

Save the dates:

Wednesday, November 12th featuring the renowned Hay House Speaker, Dr. Joan Borysenko 10am until 4PM which includes a full hot buffet lunch.

Thursday, December 11th Lunch and Network featuring, career intuitive, Sue Frederick.

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