Psychic Medium Party October 16th

Psychic Medium Party October 16th

Tobi Hunt Events presents
Psychic Medium Party
Monday, October 16th

5pm until 9pm



Jude Starks

I will be hosting another psychic medium party featuring Jude Starks. Jude Starks is an Evidential Spiritual Medium and Trance Healing Medium, a Spiritualist affiliated with the United Kingdom, She is also a hypnotherapist, trainer of NLP, and a Spiritual Teacher and Pharmacist. She is the only one in Colorado that supports the Intuitive Studies Institute, where she teaches and certifies “Evidential Spiritual Mediums” in a rigorous course of study. Jude  says that “We are the only place in Colorado that does this teaching and that no one else offers this curriculum! We follow the highest standards in the world set by the United Kingdom!” Jude has been teaching these classes now for 4 years.

The confirmed date is Monday, October 16th at my home in Lafayette.

The party will begin at 5PM sharp for appetizers, beverages and networking so bring your business cards. Then the readings would begin at 6PM and end around 9pm.  Jude is extremely talented and very, very accurate! So think about whom you would like her to bring in. 

Jude charges $50.00 a person which will be paid the night of the party before she starts her readings. 

Please NOTE: Jude only accepts cash or check. Please write the check out to her Jude Starks, not me. You are welcome to tape your session too. It is a very intimate group. You are welcome to bring a friend or another family member too. Women and Men invited. Only eight seats available.

***There is also a hostess fee of $15.00 per person which will reserve your spot and confirm your attendance to be paid in advance of the party to Tobi Hunt. This is not negotiable.***

Oct 16th 2017 Psychic Medium Party/ Jude Starks

***I will forward you the appetizer list and directions once your attendance is confirmed.***

Cancellation policy:

Please note: I have to guarantee a specific number of attendees to the featured speaker. I put a lot of time and effort into these parties so please show up or give me at least five days advance notice if you cannot attend or you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. You are welcome to find a replacement too.


  ***I will forward you the appetizer list and directions to my house once your attendance has been confirmed***.

I look forward to hearing from you. These parties are really powerful, a great networking experience and quite healing and informative.


Here’s to a fabulous event experience!


Tobi Hunt

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