Psychic Medium Party November 20th

A Psychic Medium Party


***SOLD OUT***

 Tobi Hunt Events presents
Psychic Medium Party

Sunday, November 20th 9AM -12:30PM


Marlayne Nissen


I am hosting another party featuring Marlayne Nissen, an evidentiary psychic medium on Sunday morning, November 20th at my home in Lafayette.  This breakfast psychic event will sell out quickly!

The breakfast will begin at 9am and then the gallery readings will begin at 10am and end around 12:30pm.  

Marlayne is very talented and extremely accurate. She has been doing this profession for over 35 years.

You will get both a psychic and psychic medium reading at the same time. She is truly amazing! Her readings are healing and informative. She even gives some medical advice if you request it.

Marlayne charges $250 an hour for a private reading and she sets her own pricing. She charges $50.00 a person for a 15 minute gallery reading at my home in my living room. The gallery readings are timed so everyone gets the same amount.  You would pay her at the party before she starts her readings. Please NOTE: Marlayne only accepts cash or check.  Please write the check out to her Marlayne Nissen, not me. You are welcome to tape your session too. This is important to do, so you can listen to her reading over and over again. Believe me you will not remember everything she says.

**There is also an additional hostess fee of $15.00 per person which will reserve your spot and confirm your attendance to be paid in advance of the party to Tobi Hunt.

**Please note you are not confirmed until you pay the hostess fee.  

Breakfast Psychic Medium Party Nov 20th Marlayne

 ***I will forward you the breakfast appetizer list once your attendance is confirmed***.

Please note: I have to guarantee a specific number of attendees to the featured presenter. I put a lot of time and effort into these parties so please show up or give me at least five days advance notice if you cannot attend or you will be charge a $25.00 cancellation fee. You are welcome to find a replacement too.

These parties are very healing to connect to a loved one. They are a great networking experience too! Bring your business cards or offers. Invite a friend or family member too!  Men and women are welcome.


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