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Tobi you have brought so many people together, and touched so many hearts.  We love you!

You have provided a big service in this area……..you certainly are the business matchmaker. You create a comfortable environment where there are no pressures on anyone.

Those who desire to business network… can, and if you do not desire to network, or are shy, you have new opportunities to make new friends.

All of us though, leave your events gaining something new; either a business contact, more valuable business information or a new friend.

Thank you.


Testimonial on ‘Rookie to Rockstar From “Medium” to ExtraOrdinary’

Thank you again for such a wonderful event yesterday! I got some valuable clarity and transformation from the speakers, and I really enjoyed the networking. I had a blast and I feel like I made some really meaningful connections. I can’t wait for the next one!

~Diane Whiddon

Testimonial on ‘Spiritual Journey’


You have such an amazing hand for bringing in interesting speakers on very different topics.

I really enjoyed the workshop ‘Spiritual Journey Here and In the Hereafter Event’ because it opened an entirely new perspective for me.

I don’t think that I want to speak to departed souls myself, but there is something about being in the same room for many hours with several gifted psychics. It seemed to enhance my own meditation practice and I feel more open to the spiritual realm.

Everyone has their own path, and this is how it should be.

I believe, coming together for a workshop like this helps everyone grow spiritually. Thanks for your courage in putting this interesting information out there.

~ Hannah Hennig

I love Tobi’s events because I meet so many interesting women. Tobi is a perfect example of an empowered woman who grew through an amazing transition in her life. I embrace women in transition and offer coaching programs and a toolbox to help them come to wholeness and balance!

~ Donna Daniell

Thank you so much for hosting the Lunch & Network yesterday. I think you did a fabulous job and I love the way you got the group warmed up and kept things moving.

Lunch was delicious and overall it was great. I met a number of fabulous women (and one man). I thought Tommi Wolfe’s presentation was excellent and I was able to make some terrific connections.

~ Toni Francis

Dear Tobi,

I wasn’t going to come to the network today! Then decided it would be good for me. I was not in an upbeat place, although I certainly was working on it! And when I left I felt full of energy after hearing from Sue Frederick speak. She is so good at reminding us of the truth of who we are as spiritual beings!

I wanted to share this with you; “to me networking isn’t just about getting a client”. One reason I appreciate what you offer and other groups through the many years I have been networking is, being a solo entrepreneur in the field of therapeutic massage, it can be an isolating position. And I know that I am not the only person who might go through this, having a business is only one part of the many roles I play, and then there is life.

Life can be messy and it isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes it is challenging to put yourself out there especially when you don’t feel your best, and pulling back maybe what you need, you have to listen to your heart to know, and then there are times where going to Lunch and Network is just what one needs.

It gives me a dose of being around positive uplifting energy from you and all the beautiful people who attend. It isn’t just about business it is about relationships, and isolation melts away when we connect.

So thank you I felt energized and inspired after your event today”!

With Appreciation,
Theresa Nehemias, RMT, CIMIG

Dear Tobi,

Thank you for all the positive energy you put into your events. I find myself eagerly awaiting your announcements because I always have a great time, whether it is in the early morning, or for lunch or dinner.

I like taking my Mom to the dinners because it is an opportunity just for us to get together, have a great meal and interesting conversations. My Mom and I especially enjoy the camaraderie of our NY and NJ gals night out!

One more thing: the speakers you select are always top notch. Keep up the extraordinary and exciting events.

You are appreciated.

With many thanks,

Iris Lee

I so enjoyed your luncheon on April 12th 2012.

The group felt so connected and as other women shared in front of the group, their personal past heartaches,we were all touched.

The speaker kept all of us engagedand helped us to expand our business skills.

I met three newwonderful women, and look forward to meeting with them again.

Thank you Tobi,

Nansea Lee

“Tobi Hunt has created a highly successful, local networking organization called “Lunch and Network”. Her monthly meetings of 50 to 70 local people help support local entrepreneurs in the Boulder community by helping them promote and market their businesses. She also formed Breakfast and Network and Dinner and Network where local women can meet in a non threatening enjoyable, intimate atmosphere where they have the opportunity to promote their businesses.

Tobi Hunt is also the founder of Purse Power LLC, an innovative, entrepreneurial business reflecting the enormous purchasing power of women. Her business sells decorative purse power pins as costume jewelry to visibly promote and call attention to the major decision makers in this country namely..women.

Additionally, Tobi has donated countless purse pins to numerous charities and fundraising activities. Tobi’s passionate and tireless pursuit to promote and build this innovative entrepreneurial business is unrelenting as she supports and recognizes the growing power and status of women in today’s business, economic and political environment.has a powerful gift of knowing what people need and finding solutions for them.”

~ Jeannie Hamilton,

“Tobi has a powerful gift of knowing what people need and finding solutions for them.

Whether she’s providing services for customers at Key Bank or connecting people at her network luncheons, her enthusiasm for each person is warm and genuine. She’s a gifted leader, speaker, entrepreneur, networker and trusted friend.

Her Purse Power Pins are exquisite! I highly recommend her work in all of these areas.”

~ Sue Frederick
Author, Speaker, Career Intuitive

“Tobi is a true force of nature! She brings her passion and talent for connecting people over good food while creating a bee hive of results-oriented activity around networking. It is always a pleasure to speak, exhibit at or attend one of her events.”

~ Molly Campbell
Director, Whitehorse Heart Representatives

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